Peter O'Toole lá breithe

He has officially retired from acting and the public.  And he is missed.  We have so much of his work to enjoy that it matters little.  As long as he is in good health and prospers – but that is no longer, I fear, his fate.  He was born Peter Seamus Lorcan O’Toole on 2 August 1932, Connemara, County Galway, Ireland.

A leading man of prodigious talents… IMDb

In 1962, O’Toole was chosen by David Lean to play T.E. Lawrence in Lean’s masterpiece, Lawrence of Arabia (1962). The part made O’Toole an international superstar.   I am an epic fan of epic cinema…the grand scale of sets, the screenplays, scripts, directing, acting, and musical scores.  Lawrence of Arabia will forever be awesome to behold, an experience.  There are more films, but on his birthday this is the one.  He improvised the entire scene. ( below is just a 7 minute segment )

My Life… Peter O’Toole

In my life I’ve been the Hero.
Once or Twice I’ve been the villain.
Sometimes I’ve enjoyed being the Fool.
I’ve happily given my Heart & Taken my fair share of wickets.
I’ve challenged Priests and Politicians.
Drank with Rogues and Revolutionaries.
I’ve been in some truly Great Battles in my Mind and on the Playing Field.
In my life I have been many Men.
and every now and then I’ve done a bit of Acting.

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His last interview
GQ mag Icon: Peter O’Toole
An actor by accident, an Oscar winner by right, last year Peter O’Toole let the curtain fall on a career as a leading man who made headlines for all the right – and wrong – reasons. In his final interview, GQ talks to the movies’ man of mischief about drama school antics, those binges with Richard Burton and how he made international stardom look so damn easy.

Adjective /prəˈdijəs/

adjective: wonderful, stupendous, marvelous,enormous, huge, tremendous, immense, monstrous, vast, miraculous, amazing, wondrous, portentous

  1. Remarkably or impressively great in extent, size, or degree
  2. Unnatural or abnormal

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My post upon learning of his death.  Awhrance lied, he is not perfect.

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