Love this: Hero |film

One of my all time favorite films, if not top favorite: “Hero”, with . Chinese, with subtitles. An epic visual and aural masterpiece.  A compelling story centered around the unification of .

This post is for the music.  This is a tiny segment of the film score with a small, important but almost minor to the entire story, sequence of scenes for the love story. An anomaly for me in that I am greatly moved and love it (their saga within the film) – as I generally am bored, highly irritated, or disinterested in love stories in film.

You won’t be able to glean their saga from this. Nor the significance. Impossible. Just watch and listen. And yes, it is a movie. Operatic ballet. Beautiful, epic, ethereal, with outstanding cinematography, choreography, and kickassery…

That is what I expected from “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”.  Not boredom.  This film is so much, much, better.  I do need to see “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” again.  It was beautiful, great Fu, but I saw it in the theater when it came out.  I remember being bored for periods of time and not liking their wire work much (people on wires).  But it is epic, I love epic.

Anyway, a tiny but moving portion of the music from “Hero”.  It stirs my heart almost to tears…


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