Icelandic icy waterscapes

Iceland is more magical than I had imagined.  I plan to visit someday, a leftover childhood dream.  I had to examine these closely to see if they were paintings, photoshop or photographs.  And wish that I could post them original sized, full framed.  The pieces are oddly frigid, rigid, organic and flowing.  Volcanism and ice.

From Spiritual Ecology – Iceland’s Icy Waterscapes

Spiritual Ecology is a non-profit organization
“An exploration of the spiritual dimension of our present ecological crisis.”

8 thoughts on “Icelandic icy waterscapes

  1. Wow! I envy you. I still only have my imagination, lots of pictures and sagas in Old Icelandic (it takes some work for me to read them – I am just a gal.)

  2. Yes. It’s a hobby. I had been studying Danish and Old Norse too. (I am not as smart as all that sounds.) I need to get back to it! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. You are learning Old Icelandic in Iceland?! Stellar!! Much skill to you in your endeavor. Once you get started.

    You should post an occasional couple of paragraphs with the translation following it! Of course I may be the only one interested – still so cool.

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