ancient love

This is a beautiful piece.  A 3000 year old Egyptian love song in the original language.  A language you have most likely never heard vocalized.  Accompanied  by an Egyptian harp.  The poem, lyric, is exquisite.  The type of thing I live to experience.  Music and love are truly timeless.

The performing artist is Peter Pringle.

3 thoughts on “ancient love

  1. What was the source? It sounds like text from Papyrus Chester Beatty I (Brit. Mus. 10681); this love song has a recent translation by William Kelly Simpson (2003, p. 322). Unfortunately, the actual sounds of Egyptian speech and music are largely lost, as is seen when the adjective nfr meaning “good, perfect, or beautiful” is pronounced “neffer” by scholars for convenience. Remains of musical instruments are extant. Some are like harps; a few are like a lute, having a resonant box coupled to the strings. Best wishes.

  2. I don’t know the source. The performer’s site was no help. I greatly appreciate your learned comment – I love that sort of thing, sharing knowledge and supporting like interests.
    If you know of anything, links to things, of interest please use my Enlighten Me page. Send away, any time. I’d like to explore more.
    Thank you for taking the time to share, it is the type of input I relish.

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